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Grant Writing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Grants are truly a collaborative effort between client and grant writer, a facet of the work I've always enjoyed. I've prepared or worked on more than 20 grant proposals, with about a 20% "hit rate" - which I think is probably better than industry standard. Most of my work has revolved around economic impact (public and business benefits) and fiscal (government benefits and costs) analyses, but I've also written complete grants like the one shown here in Alaska. This particular federal grant wasn't successful, but I've worked on grants that have rewarded my clients in total over $100 million. I conduct the benefit-cost analysis and summary using my own tailored spreadsheet-based analytical tools (although I've used IMPLAN, REMI, and Tredis) to calculate annualized revenue and cost streams from different sources. My work includes key variable shifting to allow easy "what-if" assessments, ranged outcomes based on sensitivity testing of key variables, and recommendations on what we can do to achieve the optimal outcome. I think it's just a better mousetrap from a writing, graphic, and storytelling perspective based on sound, transparent methods.

M-S BUILD Application 2018
Download PDF • 12.12MB

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